The Braided Basket Bag 2.0

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•hand knitted bag made of one continuous line of rope. The start and end of the rope are seen knotted on either side of the bottom of the bag. The different ropes have been permanently fused together. This fusion intensifies the integrity and structural strength of The Braided Basket Bag 2.0. This bag is perfectly functional as both a bag or sculpture to be displayed in your home. 
•made of various preexisting 100% heavy duty polypropylene boat rope 
•sustainably sourced 
•1 of 1 wearable artwork 
•hand knitted and concept by artist Danny Welsh

•bag diameter: 9 inch / 22.86 cm
•bag depth: 8 inch / 20.32 cm
•bag handle length: 17 inch / 43.18 cm