Q: Where does the name Suburban Deviant come from?

A: Suburban Deviant is a metaphor for the outsider. We empathize with those who feel out of place in the environments they exist in. Suburban Deviant celebrates individuality and identifies as a collective community of one of one originals. Suburban Deviant embraces the extraordinary power of being one-of-a-kind!

Q: What does sustainably sourced mean?

A: Suburban Deviant creates one of one wearable artwork entirely of sustainably sourced material. The term sustainably sourced means that all materials used to create our one of one wearable artwork are preexisting and pre-loved. The sustainably sourced materials used to create our one of one wearable artwork are all carefully curated. Our curation process involves the inspection of all materials to ensure high quality and condition. 

The materials we choose to use are truly one of a kind, making each artwork unique. Much like how we as individuals embody our own uniqueness, each artwork holds a unique back story and past history.

Q: How are products packaged?

A: Suburban Deviant is devoted to running our business as ethically and sustainably as possible. We ship our products through eco couriers in noissue Compostable Mailers. We choose to source our packaging through noissue because we want to be associated with like-minded brands. noissue Compostable Mailers are certified 100% home and commercially compostable. Made from corn-based biopolymers, the noissue mailer composts in three months in a commercial compost and 6 months in a home compost.

Each one of one wearable artwork is handmade and shipped from our studio in Ontario, Canada.

Q: Are Cyanotype prints permanent?

A: The Cyanotype used in the creation of Collection 02 / AWAKEN is archival! The Cyanotype print may fade if washed incorrectly. Please wear with caution as perspiration and hand oils can cause discolouration. If the print fades over time, it may be restored to its previous intensity by washing it in a diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide and water mixture.

Q: Is Cyanotype toxic or dangerous?

A: The Cyanotype used in the creation of Collection 02 / AWAKEN is non-toxic and does not present any significant health risk or danger to humans or our environment.

Q: Does Suburban Deviant accept made-to-order requests? 

A: Suburban Deviant one of one wearable artwork cannot be recreated. However, many can be customized and made-to-order! Please email all made-to-order requests to inquiries@suburbandeviant.com.